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Keys to achieving cohesion in your work team

The key to success when it comes to work is, without a doubt, a committed team that rows in the same direction, to achieve this, a leader must have a lot of criteria when it comes to leading his team and above all, empathize with each one of its members. If you are a leader or are part of a team, whether in a work or research environment, it is imperative that you know the importance of maintaining cohesion in it. Why is it so important to empathize?

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Keys to being an excellent facilitator

When a person opts for the world of a Ph.D. or Post-Doctorate, it is very likely that among his activities or functions is that of being a facilitator. Thinking about this, it is highly recommended to start working on the necessary skills that will help you be successful in this role, which is so important to society.

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How to benefit from ChatGPT in your professional career?

Recently, artificial intelligence has broken into all professional levels, through OpenAI's ChatGPT, offering an infinity of options for the creation of content. What if such a tool could help you write and improve outreach messages for your daily activities? ChatGPT is a very powerful tool, which will help many to save hours of work, but it must also be used with great care and caution, understanding that the human touch will always give a unique detail to any publication made.

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