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Living the culture of perpetual learning

Perpetual learning is a lifestyle that characterizes those brilliant minds, who seek to improve themselves every day and offer the best of themselves. If you are a person who sees in your education the opportunity to achieve your goals, you are part of the culture of perpetual learning and an excellent way to maintain this custom and honor is to offer others the possibility of also living this experience, opening and developing spaces to others, so they can establish them in their routine.

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Frequently asked questions about pursuing a Ph.D., according to ChatGPT

We have decided to use ChatGPT and investigate in this tool, what are the "Frequently Asked Questions about Pursuing a Ph.D." and, of course, share the answers. Let's get started! What is the main objective of pursuing a doctorate?

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Online doctorates and postdocs, an opportunity for inclusion

Neurodivergent people have found in education and online work an opportunity to find a safe space, where they can develop without having to face the day-to-day, which can become very overwhelming for people with neurological conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, syndrome of Tourette, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), among others. It is known that social spaces, full of lights, noises, smells, and all kinds of stimulants, including work meetings, are particularly hostile to atypical people. For this reason, virtualization has allowed a friendly and more relaxed space for people with some neurological conditions.

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