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Back to basic: What is the Difference Between Ph.D. and Doctorate?

Ph.D. vs. doctorate? That’s the question that is always in discussion. First, let's go over the specifics and differences of each program so you can get a better understanding and choose the best one for you, keeping in mind that in many fields, you can choose between a Ph.D. and a professional doctorate. It's worth noting that both programs are regarded as the highest formal degree in the field.

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How to prevent and recover from burnout

Today's world is very demanding. You have to be the best worker, student, friend, and parent, and that is definitely exhausting. And, in the midst of all these activities, where the maximum is required to be successful, burnout syndrome appears.

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How to communicate effectively?

Learning to manage the art of communication is vital for those who want to dedicate their lives to research, teaching, and relevant positions within organizations. Both, the voice and the rest of non-verbal communication are crucial when it comes to addressing others, especially in the academic / work sphere, because to a great extent our credibility and reputation will be assigned thanks to these elements.

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