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Why get a Doctorate in education?

Education is one of the fundamental instruments for social transformation, which is why as more professionals in this area are dedicated to research, the more scientific knowledge we can produce to contribute to the development of new methodologies and practices that promote changes in our educational systems.

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What is the difference between a Phd and other doctorates?

Many people ask this question when deciding to start their doctoral studies, because in essence they seem to be the same, and although both will give you the doctor's degree there is a difference in approach between a doctorate in philosophy and the rest of the professional doctorates.

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You have a PhD, Now What?

A PhD is the highest level of educational qualification you can receive for a career in academia. However, you may still have a challenge acquiring a job in your field of study. The current climate of the job market is very discouraging and therefore many people do not acquire a job soon after completing their studies. The labor market is changing. The most successful people will be those with the advanced skills who can work machinery.

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