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Advantages of doing a program Online Ph.D. or Post-Doc

Online learning is a trend that is here to stay, in fact, it is an increasingly valued option for those who seek to improve their professional profile, especially in doctorates and post-docs, since this system allows them to receive a quality program, without having to take a break in his professional career.

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Learn the skills that will help you be ready for the future

Skills today are decisive to achieving your professional goals, anyone can acquire a degree, but not all people have spiritual intelligence that allows them to stand out from the average. LinkedIn has become one of the main consultation sites for employers and people interested in elevating their professional careers.

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The 6 major anti-rules for life victory in 2023

The well-known Coach and author of multiple Best Sellers such as The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Leader Who Had No Title, and The 5 AM Club; Robin Sharma has recently shared a series of recommendations for what he says is The 6 Big Anti-Rules for Life Victory in 2023. Sharma, for years now, has dedicated himself, through his books and courses, to awakening in his fellow men the need to work for the best version of himself in order to be more successful. Adding now to his repertoire, are these recommendations, from which he invites you to work if you pursue and live a successful life.

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