About Us

Doctoralandpostdoctoral.com is an online platform that gathers information about Doctorate and Post-Doctorate market trends, online universities that specialize in those programs, partial scholarships or grants available at that educational level and other study related areas that have a major focus on the programs that succeed a Master’s degree.

At Doctoralandpostdoctoral.com you will be able to obtain information regarding latest partial scholarship openings. Country, student nationality, major and degree ranking are some of the many filters we have deemed as relevant to aid international students on their search. This type of scholarships are useful for they serve to lessen economic burden on the students’ end while serving as a great opportunity for applicants to demonstrate the skills and accomplishments that would differentiate them from others.

Our objective is to help international students from developing countries find universities that would prove to be a good fit in both program and accessibility at a doctoral and post-doctoral level.

Our mission is to help international applicants from developing countries find both finding available partial scholarship opportunities and relevant careers that can be studied online specifically at the doctorate and post-doctorate level. This is done via our flexible search engine that allows filtering by country, career, degree level and scholarship percentage.

Our site www.doctoralandpostdoctoral.com allow you to subscribe to notifications in order to guarantee you will get those updates (new posts) as soon as we get the new/email/information from those colleges/universities. If you would like to know more about www.doctoralandpostdoctoral.com. Do not hesitate about contacting us at: contact@doctoralandpostdoctoral.com